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Jellied eels

Jellied eels

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Posted on 13 Tháng 5 2018
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Jellied eels is one of the traditional appetizers in London. This dish is made of chopped eels boiled in a spiced stock that is allowed to cool and set, forming a jelly. Jellied eels is usually served along with a pie and mashed potatoes. Where is eels fished? Previously, the main source of this fish for any English kitchen was the river Thames flowing through London.

Nowadays, jellied eels is not so popular among Londoners. But why did it remain one of the most popular dishes for more than two centuries? We will try to figure that out asking the employees of fish factories.
Từ được đề xuất
back then - trở lại sau đó
basically - thuộc về diêm cơ
a bowl - bát
to crawl - bò
a customer - khách hàng
an eel - con lươn
a fishmonger - người đánh cá
giant - cây to
hold on to - giữ cho
jiggly - cười khúc khích
loads of - tải vê
a no-brainer - không có trí tuệ
okay then - được thôi
an owner - chủ hảng buôn
perfect - hòa âm
pie shop - tiệm bánh
to prepare - chuẩn bị
public - công chúng
quite - cũng ngần ấy
to realise - hiểu rỏ việc gì
staple diet - chế độ ăn chính
a supply - sự cung cấp
a takeaway - lấy đi
weird - kỳ dị