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Words and expressions for summer
(part 1)

Words and expressions for summer
(part 1)

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Posted on 7 Tháng 6 2018
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Ali is an English teacher from the UK. In his lessons, he covers topics important for all learners so that it becomes simply unreal to forget something! Finally it's summer, and to help you during the warm days, Ali prepared some useful summer expressions. In the first part, Ali will talk about the rainy weather and what happens when the sun finally comes out. P.S. Knowing which expression helped Bruce Willis's hero figure out criminals in Die Hard-3? The answer is in this video!
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Từ được đề xuất
as soon as - ngay khi
burned - cháy
chuck it down - mút nó xuống
come out - mới ra đời
commonly - thông thường
to disappear - biến mất
glow - ánh sáng rực rở
to happen - đến
lucky - gặp vận may
painful - khó chịu
piss down - đi xuống
pour down - đổ xuống
rainy - hay mưa
to rob - bóc lột
to sunbathe - phơi nắng
tag along - thẻ cùng
take advantage of - tận dụng lợi thế của
tanned - làm sạm da
to throw - quăng
a vault - khung miệng lò

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