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The Speakeasy Three — When I Get Low, I Get High

The Speakeasy Three — When I Get Low, I Get High

продолжительность: 2:26
Posted on 9 Tháng 9 2017
Mô tả
The Speakeasy Three is a music trio from Brighton, England. They mostly sing a capella, but in this video, they are joined by The Swing Ninjas to make a cover version of Marion Sunshine's song "When I Get Low, I Get High". This song, included in the "golden collection" of jazz, was first introduced to public in 1936 by 19-year-old Ella Fitzgerald, and later it was performed by a lot of well-known jazz bands. Girls from Brighton did a great job, too!
Nhạc jazz
Từ được đề xuất
bad luck - hung tin
a bail - hàng rào
a belly - bụng
empty - làm vắng vẻ
end up - kết thúc
to frown - nhăn mặt
full up - đầy
get high - phê
to handle - chỉ huy
to holler - holler
a jail - khám đường
no one - không ai
a pocket - bao
rocking chair - ghế xích đu
a ruckus - ruckus
a slice - lát
trouble - điều lo lắng
walk out - đi ra
watch out - xem ra
when the chips are down - khi các con chip bị hỏng

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