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Spider crabs shed their shells

Spider crabs shed their shells

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Posted on 14 Tháng 12 2017
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Spider crabs earned their name for their incredibly long legs that make them look like spiders. The family includes about 200 genera of marine crabs, and the Japanese spider crab is the largest species among the modern arthropods. With the first full Moon of winter hundreds of thousands of arthropods gather in one place to shed the shells that they outgrew.
Từ được đề xuất
to allow - chuẫn hứa
beneath - ở dưới
break out - nổ bùng
to clamber - leo thang
to create - gây nên
deep - sâu
to develop - biểu lộ
to enclose - xây
to expand - bơm phồng lên
feed - nuôi
full moon - trăng tròn
to harden - hóa cứng
in order to - để mà
to lay - đặt nằm
limp - cà nhắc
march - có một biên giới chung
mate - phu thê
materialise - cụ thể
nearly - giống hệt
one another - cái khác
a plain - đồng
properly - riêng
to seek - kiếm
a spider - con nhện

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