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Là gì Tạo vốn từ vựng
1. Specify your goal
Specify how many words (five, ten, or fifteen) you would like to learn per day, and on which days you plan to study. And when you are bored, just change these parameters in Vocabulary Builder settings.
2. Study with the Super Memo algorithm
Revise the word you are learning for five times without mistakes and with intervals growing between learning sessions. That way, you will definitely learn it.
3. Learn words in time
Revise "ready" words (ready to be revised) on the required day before the midnight comes. Otherwise, they return to previous stage of learning.
4. Keep track of your progress
Check the information about fulfillment, non-fulfillment or over-fulfillment of the plan in the history of your learning sessions.
5. Earn bonuses
One bonus puzzle point for fulfilling the daily plan